Family Tree Project

This year students will be expected to complete a project.  This project will tie into what we are learning in Social Studies and Family Life.  The project is intended to bring the family closer together, and may be completed with help from all family members.  On the day the project is due the student may bring in all the parts to be hung up on our family tree located in the hallway.  Additional items that represent your family may be brought in and added to the tree.  Each family tree will be displayed for one week.  This week is also the students "share" week.  One hundred points will be given in Social Studies if all six items are completed by the due date.

*Please do not send in your Family Tree project early.  I have no room to store them.

1.  Draw a picture of your family.  15pts

       -include all the people in your immediate family

       - Name should be on the picture

       - Include pets

       - You may draw two pictures if you have two family groups.


2. Photographs of family members.  10pts

       - Old or new photographs may be used

      - You may use as many photographs as you like.


3. With an adults help write a story about your family.  20pts

The story must be true.  Draw a picture to go with your story.

Parents may print the story to be displayed if desired. (Paper is provided)


4.Tell about what your family does for fun.  Draw a picture to go with your

story.  Parents may print the story to be displayed if desired. (Paper is provided.)   20pts


5.  Draw a picture of where you live.  10pts


6.Create a flag to represent your family.  You may use cardboard, felt, construction paper, or any other sturdy materials. 

Your last name should be largely displayed on your flag.  Be as creative as possible.  25pts