Welcome to First Grade!  


Welcome to First Grade!  I am looking forward to a fun filled year of learning with your child.  This packet will outline many of the things you will need to keep in mind throughout the year.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.



Homework will be sent home Monday in the B.E.E. binder (Red folder).  Please have your child complete the homework in pencil and return to school.  All homework is due by Thursday unless otherwise noted.  Homework may be tuned in anytime before Thursday, if finished.



First Grade will be using the Superkids Rowland Reading Program.  Please see the letter in this packet for more information.


Memory Words

Students will work with a group of Memory Words for two weeks.  These words accompany the Superkids Program.  A test over these words will be given every two weeks.  Students must be able to spell the words.


Pattern Words

A group of Pattern Words will be given with each unit in Superkids.  Students will be tested on a selection of Pattern Words every two weeks.


Family Tree Project

This year students will be participating in a Family Tree project.  This project will begin later in the year.  All information needed for the project will be sent home in September.



Please refer to your school calendar or handbook for guidelines.  A note must be brought in when a child returns from an illness.


Afternoon Snack

First grade will have an afternoon snack.  More information is included in this packet.


Book It

Book It will begin later this year.  All first graders are asked to participate as part of the reading program.  Books recorded for the program may be read to your child or read by your child.